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Welcome to Rail City Oratory. My name is Chris. I’m a Catholic Husband and Father, living in the heart of Southern Ontario, Canada. I’m currently work in travel and leisure, and run a podcast with three friends called “Theology of the Buddy” (it’s available on all major podcasting platforms). This blog is geared to share musings and commentary on life as a Catholic man, living in today’s Canadian, post-Christian culture. I have a passion for writing, and blogged in the past with a Catholic group called Team Orthodoxy (teamorthodoxy.wordpress.com). Since the team dissolved a few years ago (we’re all still really good friends though), I have desired to still write and contribute to the Catholic bloggersphere in some way. This blog is dedicated to the Catholic who feels they don’t fit in, but still loves the Church and her Teachings. It goes out to the Catholic who can’t find any decent Catholic community near them, or may find themselves turned off by the Catholic Community at the friendly local parish. You’re not alone. It is possible to become holy wherever you are. The cliché saying, “bloom where you are planted” is the inspiration for this blog, and perhaps subsequent other projects, like a podcast or YouTube Vlog.

The title of this blog, Rail City Oratory, is inspired by a story told by St. Francis de Sales’ in his Introduction to the Devout Life, where he speaks of about St. Catherine of Siena:

Deprived by her parents of any place or time for prayer and meditation, Our Lord inspired her with the thought of making a little interior oratory in her mind, into which she could retire in heart, and so enjoy a holy solitude amid her outward duties. And henceforward, when the world assaulted her, she was able to be indifferent, because, so she said, she could retire within her secret oratory, and find comfort with her Heavenly Bridegroom. So she counselled her spiritual daughters to make a retirement within their heart, in which to dwell. (Chapter XII, Introduction to the Devout Life)

As a young person, I always thought I had to go outside of my town to find God and to grow in holiness. My parish was uninspiring at best. So I became a missionary and then went off to a solid Catholic college. While those experiences were good and very formative, I still had to come home, to the same old place, into a secular job, surrounded by non-Catholic people. It has been, however, in the humdrum of daily life, that God has shown up, “among the pots and pans”, as St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila) would say. This blog is to serve as a place of encouragement, community, and fun for the everyday Catholic just looking to get a lil holier than they were yesterday and looking to laugh along the way.

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