The “Father Wound” and the Current Crisis in the Church

Back before the days of cellphones and unlimited calling nationwide, there was the calling card. They are not as popular now as they once were, but they still exist. Bell Canada used to produce a special calling card wherein you could gift it to a certain person, essentially allowing them to call you collect, but... Continue Reading →


Rail City Foodie – The Best Underrated Food In and Near the Railway City

St. Thomas may not feel like much a foodie spot, but if you look a little closer and might be willing to take a little drive, you can find some of the best food Southwestern Ontario has to offer. Londoners and those around the country are slowly realizing that St. Thomas has thrown their hat... Continue Reading →

The Best Kept Secret in Railway City

Within the heart of St. Thomas, Ontario lies an ancient, beautiful secret. Hidden in plain sight, this mysterious gift stands as a beacon of hope. Many people travel from great distances just to gaze upon it. Centuries old - older than the city itself, this beautiful gem enlivens the heart and brings rest and peace.... Continue Reading →

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