Dr. Stephen Lewis and the Bad Book

Franciscan University, which I lovingly (and still do) refer to as my Alma Mater, although I only studied there for Freshmen Year in 2005, has been rife with scandals in the last couple of years. Among the first was the supposed "Pro-Choice Feminist" on the faculty, spreading confusion and scandal on Twitter. Then, stories of... Continue Reading →


The Thirst of the Incarnate Word

As I entered into Advent, a common theme has continually arisen in my times of mental prayer - thirst. It began with a meditation upon the story in St. John's Gospel regarding the Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42). In this encounter, Jesus comes to rest at Jacob's Well, wearied from his journey, and encounters... Continue Reading →

The Best Kept Secret in Railway City

Within the heart of St. Thomas, Ontario lies an ancient, beautiful secret. Hidden in plain sight, this mysterious gift stands as a beacon of hope. Many people travel from great distances just to gaze upon it. Centuries old - older than the city itself, this beautiful gem enlivens the heart and brings rest and peace.... Continue Reading →

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