Mother Inviolate – A Defense of Mary, Ever Virgin Against the Errors in The Chosen.

I have attempted not so much to speak with authority of things that I know, as to seek to know them by speaking about them with reverence.Saint Augustine, De Trinitate The new show, The Chosen, has created a lot of buzz. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it is a creative, non-canonical look at... Continue Reading →

Pandemic and Penance

Hello friends, It's been awhile. I recently shared on my personal Facebook the tweet from Bishop Strickland of Tyler which stated:                     Following this quote, I expounded upon it stating that: I believe wholeheartedly that this pandemic is being allowed by God to remind us of... Continue Reading →

The Blind Man’s Guide

I started out this Lent in the realm of the unknown. Various struggles and questions weighed on my mind. If you're a follower of Theology of the Buddy, you know that we've been working hard to produce podcast episodes week after week for the last 14 weeks. Yet, as whenever we work with other people,... Continue Reading →

Trying to do something for God

I'm trying. This is about the best I can say when it comes to my life of faith, hope, and charity. I'm trying. But at times, it can be tiring and frustrating. I look around the world and see souls who have drunk so deep of the poison of relativism that they've become inebriated with... Continue Reading →

Dr. Stephen Lewis and the Bad Book

Franciscan University, which I lovingly (and still do) refer to as my Alma Mater, although I only studied there for Freshmen Year in 2005, has been rife with scandals in the last couple of years. Among the first was the supposed "Pro-Choice Feminist" on the faculty, spreading confusion and scandal on Twitter. Then, stories of... Continue Reading →

The Thirst of the Incarnate Word

As I entered into Advent, a common theme has continually arisen in my times of mental prayer - thirst. It began with a meditation upon the story in St. John's Gospel regarding the Woman at the Well (John 4:1-42). In this encounter, Jesus comes to rest at Jacob's Well, wearied from his journey, and encounters... Continue Reading →

The Best Kept Secret in Railway City

Within the heart of St. Thomas, Ontario lies an ancient, beautiful secret. Hidden in plain sight, this mysterious gift stands as a beacon of hope. Many people travel from great distances just to gaze upon it. Centuries old - older than the city itself, this beautiful gem enlivens the heart and brings rest and peace.... Continue Reading →

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